Refurbish your old laptop/PC

Old laptops can be given a second life. Often, due to lack of performances, one may want to get rid of an old laptop to buy a new fancy one with more memory, faster, larger hard drive or new Bluray drive.

Now, if you just want to get rid of the old one, not happy with it any more, no matter what, just do it.

But if you love your computer/laptop and you want to give your laptop a second life, now it is time to refurbish. Three major components may be improved and will increase dramatically performances:

Free cloud available now

PennyItSupport free Cloud

Happy to announce that Free cloud for user experience available here. To request your free access, send an e-mail to


Build a low power home media server

Basic configuration of the Low power consumption server:

Low power Mini ITX form factor GIGABYTE GA-C1007UN mother board
2X4GB Ultra Low Profile DDR3 1333MHz DIMM Kingston KVR13N9S8K2/8
2X WD Red NAS Hard Drives WD7500BFCX
Antec ISK-300-150 Mini-ITX case
Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS
Encrypted hard drive
Web server, Blog, Mail server, Virtual machine, free ownCloud 100GB free account, LTSP, RADIUS Server, Streaming server
Power consumption: 40W
On: 24/7



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