Install LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server


This guide asumes that you want to install a LTSP server on top of a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS headles server with one NIC, in a local network connected to a router capable of DHCP as well as network address reservation.  Details about LTSP can be found on the http://www.ltsp.org page.

Install Ubuntu 14.04.3 server in software RAID1 configuration

I found many guides on this topic, yet they  were somehow obsolete as disk partitioning procedure seemed to have changed  since 14.04.3 version of the server.

So here is my guide to install Ubuntu  14.04.3 server in a RAID1 configuration (two hdd in mirroring). The guide is made in a virtual machine with 2X8 GB disks, sda and sdb. In your case you will have  at least two real hdd with your specific capacity. Hdd technology is not  relevant, could be two classical hdd or two SSD drives.

Ubuntu phone experience

Much has been already said about the Ubuntu phones. Here's my personal experience with.

As many other Ubuntu fans, I was dreaming about a smartphone integrating Ubuntu desktop experience. Well, the first Ubuntu phone wasn’t exactly the powerhouse I was hoping for and doesn't integrate (yet) as seamlessly with Ubuntu desktop. Never the less, Canonical is still committed to ship a device which will be a phone and which will give you a desktop experience.
So I was happy to be able to order it quietly, after the first rush with flash sale sessions ended.

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