Phraseanet virtual machine

Submitted by zubanst on Sat, 06/06/2020 - 18:23

Phraseanet is a Digital Asset Management system (DAM for short) targeting professionals needs, created and maintained by the French company Alchemy.

Phraseanet can store, manage and share a wide range of digital resources such as images, videos, audio or office documents within working groups of any size. Built upon standard components, Phraseanet settles on Linux, OS X or Windows servers and is based on common software components such as Elasticsearch, MySQL, PHP or Apache. Other third-party software libraries participate to Phraseanet. See details here.

Pennyitsupport staff built vSphere virtual machine featuring Phraseanet-4.0.12. Requirements: vSphere 6.7 hypervisor.

Weekly builds are available. Should you face issues downloading or setting up the VM, contact Pennyitssupport.